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Skinductor Vertigo - the universal rotary tattoo machine in a new form factor - "unpen", with a revolutionary SpinRod transmission.

  • High-efficient inertialess SpinRod transmission, allows to use the motor in a wide speed range, including low-speed modes with sufficient power, that is very popular for dot/whip techniques.
  • The ergonomic sterilizable grip combined with an "open" transmission makes Vertigo one of the most hygienic machines in the world. The heat treatment is available both in an autoclave and in a dry-heat sterilizer.
  • The needles position can be adjusted by turning the motor relatevely to the grip, that leaves enough space for reliable attachment of the barrier protection.
  • A deeply modernized powerful DC motor with three ball bearings can easily work with any number of needles.
  • Low weight and low level of vibration combined with ergonomic shape creates conditions for long and comfortable work.
  • Vertigo is suitable for a wide range of works, including permanent makeup.

Tech specs

Speed: 40-120 rev/sec (Hz).
Stroke: 3.5 mm (needles position up to 4.5 mm).
Voltage: 2-7 V.
Needles: any configurations.
Motor: 5 W, graphite brushes, improved mechanics.
Mechanics: SpinRod transmission.
Housing material: CNC processed aluminium (anodized).
Grip material: CNC processed aluminium (anodized), PEEK (inner guide).
Weight: 135 grams (4.7 oz).

Equipment set

Vertigo tattoo machine (with grip) - 1 pc.
Operating manual - 1 pc.
Warranty card - 1 pc.

1 year warranty.
Made in Russia.