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Skinductor Model-3 - lightweight and powerful tattoo machine.

  • Model-3 is a truly universal machine for the widest range of applications, capable of both delicate work with a single needle and for operation in powerful modes with big needles configurations. The speed and power of the machine is regulated by voltage.
  • A powerful polarized electromagnet and a special balance of springs make it possible to leave a maximum of pigment under the skin with minimal damage, which makes tattooing easyer, and has a beneficial effect on healing.
  • The thermostabilized springs with a special geometry, damper system, and wear-resistant materials make the Model-3 an extremely reliable and durable machine. One year warranty extends including on springs.
  • Thanks to the light and at the same time rigid frame made of aluminum, the Model-3 has a low weight and a low vibration level. Comfortable operation with the lightweight disposable grips and the long sessions without hand fatigue are available.
  • Machines work "out of the box", do not require tuning skills, and will suit both experienced and novice tattoo artists working in any styles.

Tech specs

Speed: approx. 90-100 Hz (depending on voltage).
Stroke: approx. 3.5 mm.
Voltage: 3-6 V.
Duty: 70 (+/-2) %.
Needles: any configurations.
Frame material: CNC processed aluminium (anodized).
Weight: 130 grams (4.6 oz).

Equipment set

Model-3 tattoo machine - 1 pc.
Operating manual / Warranty card - 1 pc.

1 year warranty.
Made in Russia.